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Today, 29 November 2019, VVOB in partnership with the University of Rwanda – College of Education and Rwanda Education Board (REB) graduated more than 1,400 in-service teachers and school leaders that completed continuous professional development (CPD) programmes. The CPD training programmes are offered in primary and secondary schools in 17 districts through VVOB’s five-year programmeLeading, Teaching and Learning Together (2017-2021). In Secondary education, these programmes are part of the Mastercard Foundation’s Leaders in Teaching initiative. Leaders in Teaching is an initiative that transforms teaching and learning in secondary education across Africa so young people have the skills and competencies they need to succeed in work and life.

The graduates completed the first of the three planned cohorts of the CPD certificate and diploma courses offered by the University of Rwanda – College of Education (UR-CE) with VVOB’s support. VVOB and UR-CE together deliver these certificate and diploma courses for system and school-based leaders and provide opportunities for school leaders to encourage one another in supportive professional learning communities.


“With these CPD training programmes, school leaders, mentor teachers and subject leaders get better at leading the school and at teaching, creating an environment in schools where student learning is the focus. By organising this at scale, and training school leaders and teachers in 17 districts in Rwanda, we believe positive change will happen in the education sector,” says Jef Peeraer, VVOB Programme Manager.

November graduates include Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Sector Education Officers, TTC Tutors, School Based Mentors, and School Subject Leaders for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


A diploma course in Effective School Leadership equips Head Teachers and Deputy Head Teachers with the competences to fulfil their roles as school leaders. A certificate course in Educational Mentorship and Coaching provides School Based Mentors and School Subject Leaders in STEM with effective tools and skills to facilitate professional development activities in schools.  At the same time a certificate course in Educational Mentorship and Coaching is also offered to Sector Education Officers to equip them with the competences to coach school leaders effectively, and to initiate and sustain professional learning communities of school leaders.

The ultimate goal of Leading, Teaching and Learning Together programme and Leaders in Teaching initiative is to improve learning outcomes in basic education through improved school leadership and teaching so young people have opportunities to find work or create their own.

 “We wish to extend our sincerest congratulations to all the graduates on the successful completion of their program,” said Ruth Mukakimenyi, Program Partner, Mastercard Foundation. Leaders in Teaching was designed to support secondary school teachers and leaders at each step of their professional journey. Today, they return to their schools armed with new skills, and the confidence in knowing they have the power to improve learning outcomes for their students.”


So far:


  • 550 school leaders completed a CPD diploma course in Effective School Leadership, while more than 400 school leaders are undergoing the same programme,
  • 190 Sector Education Officers were trained in Educational Mentorship and Coaching,
  • About 900 school-based mentors and more than 900 STEM teachers completed a CPD in Educational Mentorship and Coaching,
  • 51 Teacher Training College tutors attended a CPD certificate course in Educational Mentorship and Coaching.


  • By 2021, a total of approximately 1,300 primary and secondary schools will benefit from the CPD training programmes.
  • About 2,000 school leaders are expected to benefit from the diploma course in Effective School Leadership.
  • About 3,000 teachers including STEM teachers will have completed a certificate course in Educational Mentorship and Coaching.


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