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For 2017-2021, VVOB Rwanda formulated its goal as follows: 'Leading, Teaching and Learning Together - Umusemburo w'Ireme ry'Uburezi' (LTLT). Three different projects serve as our goal's pillars:



The projects are being implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education through the Rwanda Education Board and the University of Rwanda - College of Education (URCE); and in coordination with other partners in the education sector. Primary and secondary schools in 17 districts are benefiting from these projects aiming to improve educational services being delivered to school leaders and teachers, advancing the implementation of the competence-based curriculum.

1. Girls on MARS


Mathematics Achievements in Rwandan Schools (Girls on MARS) project centres on strengthening the professional development opportunities for primary school leaders on one hand, and on improving the mentorship system for newly qualified teachers (NQTs) on the other.


The programme is built around three pillars:


  • enhancing the diploma course training on school leadership for head teachers;
  • improving the professional learning communities for head teachers; 
  • strengthening NQTs through an effective mentorship system.


Each pillar contributes to the effective implementation of the Ministry of Education’s competence-based curriculum to improve learning outcomes in maths in a gender-responsive environment, especially for girls.


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2. Induction of New Teachers

Teachers have the most direct impact on student well-being and learning outcomes. Ensuring that teachers have the competences and motivation to perform well is key to guaranteeing educational quality and equity. Given the high number of NQTs that join the teaching force every year, the project focuses on improved mentoring, monitoring and supervision of NQTs during their first year of primary education teaching.


To achieve this, VVOB and URCE:


  • analyse the capacity needs of NQTs, mentor teachers in primary schools, and tutors at the Province’s teacher training colleges;
  • design and develop a mentorship programme;
  • train mentorship trainers, mentor teachers, and Teacher Training College tutors;
  • and evaluate and study the developed mentorship programme.


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3. Leaders in Teaching


VVOB’s role in Leaders in Teaching centres on raising the effectiveness of teachers and school leaders in secondary education by improving the delivery, sustainability and institutionalisation of continuous professional development (CPD) services.


The project is built around four pillars:


  • CPD diploma or certificate courses for school and sector leaders;
  • professional learning communities of head teachers, led by trained sector and district education officers;
  • CPD certificate courses for school-based mentors, department heads, and subject leaders;
  • professional learning communities for teachers at targeted schools.


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