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Since 2003, VVOB has been actively promoting quality education in Rwanda through a variety of targetted interventions, including:


Learning outcomes in Primary Education (LOPE) Programme (2014-2016)

The programme is a cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Training (MINEDUC), Rwanda Education Board (REB), University of Rwanda – College of Education (UR-CE) and the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance (VVOB – Education for Development).
In the framework of this programme, and with as objective to improve quality of basic education in Rwanda, VVOB focused its support on promoting effective School Leadership, and on preparing future teachers in primary education for a Learner-Centred Pedagogy.

IfE project: Innovation for Education (2013-2015)

The Innovation for Education project focuses on developing the core competencies of school leaders, in other words improving effective school leadership. This project provided training and coaching to Sector Educational Officers that allowed them to in turn coach Head Teachers in effective school leadership. In this way it aimed to improve the quality of primary education and thus improve the learning outcomes of the pupils.

Programme d'appui a la formation professionnelle (PAFP 2010-2015)

Under the umbrella of the Belgian Common TVET Support Programme (PAFP), VVOB partnered with Belgian Development Agency (BTC) and the Association pour la promotion de l'éducation et de la formation à l'étranger (APEFE) to strengthen TVET policy and implementation at the national level and in the Southern Province.

Working in collaboration with the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) and the Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre (IPRC-South), the Programme aimed to facilitate access to a high quality system of technical and vocational training and education, adapted to the needs of the labour market.

To achieve this and ensure a performing TVET system, the Programme emphasised four main elements:

  • Developing curricula according to competence-based training;
  • Training TVET trainers;
  • Providing didactic facilities (infrastructure, equipment, materials and books) to pilot TVET institutions; and
  • Assessing competences at the end of trainings.

Integrating School Management (2003-2013)

The specific objective of VVOB's first interventions in the country (2003-2007) was to provide school managers in 12 Secondary schools with the managerial skills and tools managers need to change the quality of schools in Rwanda in terms of effectiveness and equity. As awareness of the importance of School Management and Leadership grew, our interventions (2008-2010) expanded to cover all of the country's Secondary schools (9-year Basic education schools included).

This was followed by an institutionalisation phase (2011-2013) that sought to integrate School Management and Leadership training into the formal education system in Rwanda. In 2010, a School Management and Leadership Unit was officially created within the Ministry of Education, firmly and legally recognising the subject as an integral component of the Rwanda education structures.