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VVOB Rwanda

VVOB: partnerships and sustainability key

VVOB – education for development is an organisation based in Belgium with more than 35 years of experience in sustainably improving the quality of education systems. VVOB has received support for this from multiple leading funding partners, adding up to a total annual budget of over 13 million euros.

VVOB reinforces the capacity of ministries of Education and their institutions to implement their education policies as effectively as possible. This guarantees the sustainability of results.

The geographical, thematic and operational choices VVOB makes in each programme are informed by relevant research and the policy priorities of VVOB’s partner countries, and formulated in partnership with their governments.

VVOB’s portfolio

In general, VVOB focusses on the professional development of teachers and on effective school leadership by strengthening the institutions tasked with their initial training and continued professional development.

VVOB’s portfolio extends to four educational subsectors, identified by SDG 4 as specific target areas for quality education:

Equity, particularly gender equity, and inclusivity in education are at the forefront of all VVOB’s interventions.

You can learn more about VVOB’s approach and activities on the international website.

Vision and mission

VVOB strives for a sustainable world based on equal opportunities through quality education. We achieve this by offering technical assistance and by developing relationships between education organisations in developing countries, Flanders and Europe. Exchanging experiences, developing education expertise and raising awareness about the importance of education for development, nurture these relations.

We contribute to more internal and external solidarity in developing countries, Flanders and Europe by strengthening support for quality education as an engine for development and equal opportunities.



Quality in achievements and learning
Integrity in professional relations and in leadership
Respect for local policies, people and planet
Commitment to quality education for all
Innovation in facing complex challenges