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Today, we join the world in celebrating the International Women’s Day (IWD). At this special day, VVOB acknowledges and supports the efforts of all actors/partners and everyone in treating all female and male equally and equitably, empowering, and transforming women’s lives.

VVOB Rwanda is pleased to join the government of Rwanda and supports their theme for this year’s IWD: “Rwandan women, let’s pursue efforts to build the Rwanda we want.” In particular, VVOB pays attention to gender in every aspect of our work. We also align our projects and programmes to the government efforts/priorities to educate all Rwandans, with more emphasis on girls, towards realizing the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.

Through its current programme, VVOB in partnership with the ministry of Education, Rwanda Education Board (REB) and University of Rwanda College of Education (UR-CE) wants to ensure all male and female learners have equal access to inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities. We’re contributing to this objective through empowering School Leaders, Sector Educations Officers and School Based Mentors to improve learning outcomes in Mathematics in a gender-responsive environment, especially for girls, in 17 Districts.

The empowerment is done through a Continuous Professional Development Diploma in Effective School Leadership offered to head teachers, a Continuous Professional Development certificate in Educational Mentorship and coaching to Sector Education Officers and School Based Mentors. Mathematics School Subject Leaders are equally trained in mentoring and coaching.

In addition, VVOB supports the University of Rwanda and REB to train Sector Education Officers and School Based Mentors to lead and coach Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) of head teachers and teachers. PLNs are platforms for continuous professional development of school leaders and teachers. They are effective vehicles to address a range of challenges related to improving the quality of education. The platforms deal with challenges about the implementation of the new Competence-Based Curriculum, and how to address Mathematics for girls, among others.

This intervention is implemented through a VVOB-URCE-REB Multi-Year Programme (2017-2021), Leading, Teaching and Learning Together (Umusemburo w’Ireme ry’Uburezi).