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PLC session Rusizi district

VVOB has contextualised the UNESCO toolkit on Supporting teachers in back-to-school effortsto adapt it to the needs of school leaders in Rwanda. 

6 dimensions of opening schools


Initially, school reopening was planned in September 2020, but no one is sure yet if reopening will still take place as planned. The Rwandan Government recently declared that it will be cautious ahead of reopening schools in September. As the Government still assesses the possibilities for reopening, school leaders together with sector education inspectors (SEIs) have started to prepare for reopening in light of the toolkit.


Released in June 2020, this toolkit is a guide to school leaders to ensure safe environment to students and teachers during and post COVID-19 lockdown. Through an approach of professional learning communities (PLC) used by VVOB, school leaders share and discuss strategies to ensure school safety, security, and cleanliness of the school environment; ensure online teaching and learning and preparation for schools to reopen.


The toolkit introduces the six dimensions of school reopening that are addressed in PLC sessions. For each dimension a series of actionable guiding questions and a checklist are proposed to sector education inspectors (SEIs) that facilitate the discussions and the sharing of experiences and good practices. At the end of each session, follow up actions are documented for the school improvement plan that will guide school leaders when schools reopen.

The six dimensions of school reopening:

  • Teacher preparation and learning
  • Safety and health
  • Dealing with Psychological and Socioemotional Well-Being related challenges
  • Social dialogue & communication for school re-opening
  • Gender equity strategies equity strategies as cross cutting dimension
  • Monitoring and evaluation as crosscutting dimension