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VVOB's Annual Report 2014: Education Moves

Education moves, both literally and figuratively. In our Annual Report 2014 we bring stories about three important pillars of our world-wide operations: professional development of teachers, school leadership and equal opportunities in education. We offer brief introductions with lots of photos, testimonials and info graphics.


What do you remember of your time at school? Chances are that you immediately think of a teacher. That particular teacher who managed to inspire you and who motivated you to develop your full potential. Thanks to this teacher you discovered unsuspected talents and you were assisted to find the path to the person you are today.

Good teachers, good learning outcomes

And that is not accidental, because international research shows that the quality of the teacher in the classroom is the most determining factor for quality and well-being at school – if we don’t consider the socio-economic backgrounds of the students, although a good teacher can even have an important ‘democratising’ effect. Good teachers provide good learning outcomes: it is that simple. Even more, good teachers provide well-being at school and the development of social skills. These skills are essential to further develop yourself after school in a changing society.

School leaders strengthen the teachers

But good teachers can’t do it alone. They can only flourish in an environment that allows them to be a ‘good’ teacher. Research also shows that the importance of didactical leadership of the school management may not be underestimated. A good school leader encourages teachers to use all their pedagogical skills in supporting their students and to participate in continuing professional development to become even better.

Quality education for all

So it is no coincidence that VVOB strongly focuses on the professional development of teachers and school leadership within its current multi-year programme, which started in 2014. During this programme VVOB will directly and indirectly contribute to the quality enhancement of 284,000 teachers and 11,000 school leaders. They will use this strengthened capacity to reach an average of 5,000,000 students per year: girls, boys, children from disadvantaged environments, etc. This will be done in three years. Because for us, that is what it is all about: ensuring quality education for all.

Capacity development through international mobility

In the third chapter, we highlight our activities to strengthen public support for a solidary society. In Flanders, VVOB is active in this field for years. Thanks to our targeted approach, we reach a large group with our message of equity. Since 2014, we seek maximum synergy with our programmes in the South. A new activity builds dialogue on equity in education between our partners in Flanders and the South. A common challenge. Teachers, directors, pupils, students, and teacher trainers participate in international mobility via the SchoolLinks programme, the internship programme and a programme on equity in education. There, they get inspired through dialogue with their colleagues in the South. Back home, they use this international experience to improve their school and class practice.

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