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VVOB in Rwanda: Sharing first experiences  of school reopening

After almost eight months of school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has decided to reopen schools safely, in a phased approach while continuously assessing and adapting precaution measures. In this regard, the Ministry of Education also released health guidelines that serve as a prerequisite requirement for reopening schools in the current context of the global health crisis. Undoubtedly, school leaders across the country have been working tirelessly every day, dealing with challenges of all kinds to ensure their students and staff can safely return to school.


The 11th edition of Urunana rw’Abarezi peer learning magazine focusses on school leaders’ first experiences of reopening after the COVID-19 closures. It also explores how schools are overcoming challenges related to school reopening and how they plan to address issues that may arise as schools continue to open gradually.  
The experiences shared in this edition are mainly based on the six dimensions of school reopening:  

  • Teacher preparation and learning
  • Safety and health
  • Dealing with psychological and socio-emotional well-being related challenges
  • Social dialogue & communication for school re-opening
  • Gender equity strategies as cross cutting dimension
  • Monitoring and evaluation as cross-cutting dimension