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In VVOB's Annual Report 2013 you will find an overview of our activities in 2013. We offer brief introductions with lots of photos and testimonials.

This report highlights the educational achievements of VVOB-supported programmes in ten countries in 2013 that were realised over the past three years. The same period was also marked by critical reflections on VVOB’s vision, strategies, educational objectives and developmental approaches. Through a series of consultations, VVOB and its partners have thoroughly evaluated the scope, nature and impact of the different programmes it has been supporting over the past years.

The impact of our joint efforts ‘ripples’ throughout this report in most of the countries info graphics, leveraging the evidence-base for systematic capacity development as a guarantee for sustainable education outcomes. The consultations also resulted in a new education programme showing close parallels with the internationally agreed education priorities.

You can browse through this report below. The Dutch version and the PDF versions can be found on our general website.